The first Tony Naylor Legends game back in 2014 was a day to forget for all those
involved with SCOBA. Yes it was a great day for Tonys charity and yes it was a great                      db6ed5_3b639de299e44d7b849239f5045f1553.jpg_srz_185_280_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz
day for the Vale team who were easy winners. Im sure all the Stoke fans who were
there to support the day must have been as disappointed as us.

The SCOBA team that day were let down with some key players unable to attend.
At least 5 had to cancel within 48 hours of the kick off so we knew it was going to
be a tough day. Playing as I did was bad enough but I felt so sorry for Denis Smith
who was watching from the dug out unable to do anything about it.


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Two years on and we are back to support the charity which is the North Staffs Carers
Association. They have suffered cut backs in funding in the last 12 months so its
really important that we and the community get behind the event. NSCA do great
work within the community looking after local people who are suffering from
Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I know from my own personal experience how
devastating this disease can be and Im sure most families will know someone close
to them that is or has suffered from the illness.

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So we knew this time that our team had to be up for the challenge and we hope that
we can make it a day to remember for all the Stoke fans that we hope will be there.
We have been busy recruiting players for our team and at this time we think that
the team is looking pretty strong. We got off to a good start with our first signing
the one and only Mark Stein and since then we have added some more legends.
Martin Carruthers, Mama Sidibe, Ian Clarkson, Danny Alcock, Mike Pejic,
Phil Heath, Micky Thomas, Wayne Thomas, Dave Regis, Andy Griffin are all                                                    Unknown-5confirmed and we are waiting on a few others such as Mike Sheron, Andy Cooke
and Simon Sturridge. We are giving Smithy a rest this time so Lou Macari will
take charge and renew his rivalry with John Rudge. I think Lou might have a
certain kit man with him to keep the lads entertained. Lets hope he puts the chicken
outfit on !!!


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Two years ago we had the weather and the crowd almost 4000 of you turned up
but we never really had a match, so hopefully this year will be a perfect day in every

Please support the day which is Sunday 22nd May at Vale Park. KO 2pm. Tickets
available from the ticket office at Vale Park. £10 adults £5 juniors.