On a beautiful Sunday, in tranquil Wood Lane, the Old Boys were preparing for battle.On the face of it, we were up against hardy battled veterans from Wood lane Cricket Club. Also we were taking the field without our major star players.Banks, Greenhoff, Smith, Marsh, Pejic (still on his honeymoon) Franklin, Matthews, Fuller, Stein, Chamberlain.You could say that our task was impossible. However the ”Stokie” spirit was evident in the team talk.Lets get at them, was the battlecry. Carl Beeston was late in turning up, but he had been sent to the wrong ground. Conspiracy theories abound ? We lost the toss and Wood Lane proceeded to score a very respectable 68 runs off 10 overs.That looked well within our capabilities.



John Ruggiero, our skipper was very astute in his use of bowlers. Mike Sanchez, yet to make his debut for Stoke City, took 2 early wickets and the locals were purring over his googlies.? Mike McDonald our team manager was busy in the bar, buying drinks for everyone.A very generous Scot.Radio & TV were thrilled at the talent on view.When we took to the field, the crowds all stood and applauded,( no seats available) Our opening batsmen, or should I rephrase that.Sinead Ellams (nee Conroy) was partnering the energetic Carl Beeston. Beests instructions were just to hit boundaries.We didn’t want him injured before his Annual vacation.Sinead was a revolution in hitting a very valuable 16 runs(I meant revelation).



Beest was very unfortunate to bowled whilst in the process of lighting up.In came Chris Ellams and the runs flowed very quickly.Chris knocked off 25, before he came off.We needed 10 runs off the last 3 overs.However the pressure got to the lads.We were all out for 66, just 3 runs short of victory.The sad part was, this was our 1st defeat in all the years we have been playing.We presented the annual Scoba Shield to a delighted Wood Lane.The locals will be talking about this famous victory for years.I have to give credit to our hosts.The pitch was tailored to their strengths, only joking.



Both sides looked resplendent in shirts, remembering Dan Hughes.That was the big winner yesterday.All funds were raised for C.R.Y.The turnout was absolutely fantastic.Its so typical of the Pottery people.Generous in so many ways.Great credit to Dave& Mrs Hughes and all who gave their time.We finished at an appropriate time, just getting some of the Old Boys back to their Nursing Homes in time for their Cocoa, before bedtime,?


Story by Terry Conroy.